🎯Sniping (Beta)

Sniping interface and tutorial

Tornado allows you to create a sniping order for any ERC-20 token, ensuring you are among the first ones to buy it.

To create a sniping order:

  • Go to the "Sniping" tab.

  • Click on "Select token to snipe".

  • Enter the contract address of the token you want to snipe

  • Choose the desired purchase amount

  • Click on "Add Snipe"

All your sniping orders can be found on the top. You can delete each sniping order individually or delete all orders by simply clicking on "delete". When a sniping or an auto-sell order or is executed, you will receive a notification with a summary of your purchase. Soon will also releasing automated selling strategies after a snipe with TP/SL. Spamming snipe is also on the way!

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