Referral Progam introduction

Tornado Blast integrates a Referral Program to empower community and rewards people that pushe for Tornado.

  • Generate Your Link: a unique referral link can be easily created within the bot

  • Benefits for Referees: new users joining through a referral link enjoy a 10% discount on fees

  • Rewards for Referrers: As a referrer, you earn 25% of the trading fees generated by your referred users

Our system is designed to reward active participation and support the growth of our community, making Tornado Blast a community-driven ecosystem. You can access this feature in the main menu of the bot.

To benefit from the referral program, the referee must join the bot via the referrer's link. This link can be copied from the "Refer a Friend" tab.

If you are a KOL and want a custom referral link, reach out the team. They will customize it for you and give you a special gift. 🎁

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