🌪️Welcome to Tornado Blast

The best DEX trading interface on Blast.

Tornado Blast v1 is a sophisticated TG bot designed for Blast, facilitating easy and super-fast trading and interaction within the Blast ecosystem. We recognize the difficulty of navigating numerous dexes and finding opportunities amidst a deluge of information. Our goal is to simplify your navigation through this storm of opportunities. Therefore, we propose to offer this all-encompassing tool, enabling effortless trading and interaction with protocols.

The bot key's features

  • Trading: Buy and sell any cryptocurrency on Blast at lightning speed.

  • Bridge: Facilitate fund transfer from ETH to Blast, no need to waste more time.

  • Passive Yield: Earn passive yield on your ETH on Blast.

  • Launch Sniping: Purchase a token immediately upon its launch with your conditions.

  • Scan & Audits: Simplify the exploration and analysis of smart contract data.

  • AI Analytics: Provide you with a score of upside on the token based on past transactions and current holders, considering their past PnLs and patterns

Additionally, all the Blast yield generated from deposits is returned to Tornado Blast users. Learn more here.

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