šŸŖ‚Rewards, Points and Blast Gold

Specifying points systems and its rules.

Tornado Blast is the first Blast-native crypto trading bot that gives back 100% of its rewards and trading fees to the community.


Al rewards will be distributed over time to the community. The upside here is therefore massive.

Will be redistributed:

  • 100% of the Blast Gold

  • Fees generated by the bot

  • All airdrops from our partners

  • $TRNDO token

  • Gas fee reimbursement

  • And other surprises

Using Tornado Blast ensures receiving an astronomical amount of rewards.

Loot Boxes & Tornado Points

Tornado Points

All rewards will be distributed according to the Tornado Points system. Accumulate as many Tornado Points as possible to optimize your rewards.

Loot Boxes

Tornado Points are obtained by opening Loot Boxes. These Loot Boxes are earned based on your activity on the bot.

  • Earn loot boxes by trading and referring friends on Tornado Bot. These loot boxes are accessible from the main menu.

  • Each loot box contains Tornado Points. These boxes can be opened with a gamble factor which varies depending on the risk you are willing to take. The x10 factor can potentially yield ten times the points.

[OVER] Retro-active Ecosystem Airdrop Points

All ecosystem users receive free points based on activity, including:

  • Early Blast depositors

  • Blur stakers

  • Bots Users (Banana, Maestro, Unibot, Shuriken, Alfred, ...)

  • Pudgy Penguins, Azuki, DeGods, Blast Penguins, Blastopians, Wassies, Sation3 Patron holders

  • Wasabi mainnet users

Based on the previous, for each protocol your address interacted with you will get a certain numbers of points that are equals to: S=āˆ‘i=15wiā‹…logā”(aā‹…xi+1)S = \sum_{i=1}^{5} w_i \cdot \log(a \cdot x_i + 1) Weight will be determinated on our discretion.

Note: You can check your eligibility on our website: https://claim.tornadoblast.bot/.

Daily rewards and Streak Multiplier
  • Make a trade every 24 hours to increase your daily strike multiplier by + x0.1, up to a maximum of x2.5. This multiplier allows you to accumulate loot boxes more quickly.

  • Every day, the first trade is also rewarded with a random Daily Bonus šŸŽ

Blast Gold

Blast Gold is distributed to Tornado users based on their Tornado Points and periodically. As a reminder, 100% of Blast Gold is redistributed to the users. Contract Address: 0x02dF485037c08c3743c182636987c1452cF2E7f9 Points Operator: 0xc5b604B331a3B64DC007b9c40494b4751F68a8d5

Blast Points

The Blast points obtained by holding funds (ETH or USDB) in your wallets are directly attributed to you. If you connect to Blast.io with your Tornado wallet, you will see these points displayed in the bot's menu; otherwise, do not worry, they accumulate anyway.

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